Monday, 23 July 2018

Binocular Case. Hangs behind the helm and holds binoculars two radios and two water bottles.

No fastenings necessary as it slides at the top like a bolt rope in a luff groove.

The covered section holds the binoculars with pockets at either side for two radios.

The flap tucks into a strap with a hint of Art Deco, the era of the boat's design.

Cross stitch decoratively holds the various segments together..

All the holes are pre-marked and punched by hand to align perfectly.

It was a time consuming process to assemble in the correct order.

Sunday, 6 August 2017


                                                      B&G Covers of varrying sizes






                                                         Sailmon Display Cover


                                   Coasters with the boats symbol, the Nordic Compass



                                                             A case for the coasters



                                         Removeable padded runner block covers




J8 Dinghy Chocks



Work on board J8

Chain plates

Mooring line chafe guards
New racing Runner covers made to be easily removed